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Fighting for Adam

Adam's Story

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Adam's Story
A long road home
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My son is a victim of Illinois Department of Children and Family
Services. They forced him into a Residential Home. He is only 9 years old
To many children are taken away from their parents for no reason. My son was forced to go here because of an over zealous and vindictive worker. She has lied and twisted everything she has presented to the court. This case was supposed to be about protecting a young 16-year-old girl. Then the courts in Salem Illinois took a twisted turn and failed to protect her and not try the rapist. DCFS did not press the issue of the rape they let him go they are just as guilty as the court and the rapist. I want everyone to know how the system works and lets rapists walk free. James Creason the states attorney in Marion County Salem IL
Did not protect my daughter. Instead he decided to file bogus
Charges on me and did not investigate. The Judge Kathleen Moran also failed to look at all the facts and turned a deaf ear when James Loyd JR admitted to the fact. Dcfs decided to go after my son because he was having problems in school and they forced him into this home with no testing.
We decided to move to a different town because my son needed to be closer to his dad. Thats when the school decided to tell dcfs worker Linda Shawback they did not want Adam there because he was a problem. I told her he was getting help and I would home school him due to the fact he could not handle the homebound teacher coming to the house.  I was told that there was going to be an Iep meeting at the school and during the meeting the school did not want to retest Adam. They told his father and I that they wanted to send him to a home. We told them that no that would be the last resort. Lynda Shawback then told me I had no other options. I fought this and the threats continued.
She got a court order and on June 30th of 2003 Adam was forced to live there in the Baby Fold in Bloomington/ Normal IL. He is still there due to pending court date in January of 2004 In Ottawa IL. I will up date this later
New info: Our court date has been changed to February 18,2004 they want Adam's therapist to testify. But she had been on leave since November 6th, 2003 and came back on January 10th 2004 Adam is doing well in school. But the last Iep on September 26th of 2003 the meeting did not go to well with Lynda Shawback. She got mad because I taped the meeting. Judy Hopkins and Dr Kirk of  Streator  School District were there and they did not like me taping either. I asked them "what do you have to hide?" They refused to answer finally Judy said nothing. Of course when Lynda Shawback wrote her report she tried to make me look bad! I have found out that Streator school district has violated both state and federal laws by not offering the least restricted environment for learning. Instead they passed the buck onto Babyfold which is a residential treatment center. And it is not the least restrictive place for him to learn. They did not place him in a school within reasonable miles that could have given him what he needed. Rather than placing him at Babyfold. The school did not even try to find him another school to go to. With in another district in reasonable amount of miles. Streator Public Schools are in violation. And they have broken both state and federal laws. The school is suppose to be paying for Adam to stay there but the state is getting 5,000 a month from federal funds to keep him they’re from his family. Nine-year old boy needs to be home not locked in a baby prison away from his family and friends.
Adam has been coming home on the weekends. But emotions run high. And my children are afraid that dcfs will try to force them to live in a foster home. They have seen friends fighting to get their kids back from a broken system.
DCFS needs to be held accountable for the lives they destroy.
The courts need to be reformed and the system revamped.
To many judges and dcfs/cps workers are getting away with breaking the laws. And the judges that are suppose to uphold the law break it.
On March 10th the Baby Fold decided it is time to transition Adam home.  Lynda Shawback seems to forget who his parents are. And she again has over stepped her limits. I have found out that she has violated a lot of the state laws. She does not like parents that do not bow to her. 

Up Date Sept 11,2006
It has been 2 years since Adam has been home he has gone through a lot of changes. One  of the biggest changes is we moved again due to job change for me.
Adam has played base ball for 2 years now and loves it.  He has grown up so much. He sometimes still has problems with thinking dcfs will bother him again. I keep telling him that he is fine and they will leave us alone. I know he has seen people we know lose their kids to DCFS and he is always telling them that it will be ok. it is sad for a 12 year old little boy to know how wicked people can be.
I know that when children are removed from their families it is a very heart breaking time for both parents and child. I am hoping that when Adam is grown up that he will help people  who children have been removed by the state.
What disturbs me the most is the foster families will keep a life book and they will put pictures of themselves in this book and brainwash the children into thinking they are their family and their real parents don't want them any more! there are a lot of children that are brianwashed by the social wreckers or the foster parents into thinking their parents are no good and that best place for them to be is in foster care!
Illinois has a show on tv every week with  the pictures of children that are up for adoption. Most of these children are never adopted and end up ageing out of the system. There are other children also who have been adopted and then put back into the system after their adopters scream wrongfull adoption.
Another thing is most of the children in foster care are placed on adult drugs and given aduldt doses of these drugs because the state will say they are add or adhd.

I feel that every parent needs to know what CPS/dcfs will do to their families! I feel that case workers that lie need to be held accountable for their actions! there should be no imunity for them. Any court official needs to be held accountable for what they do! Judges that act like they are above the law and not go by the laws need to be disbarred! Or even fined.
We as parents need to demand our rights and  fight back!

Where are the lost children in foster care? Why are there  so many?

Butterflies are free! Why are there so many children removed from their families? Where are the ones lost in the system?

There are to many kids being removed from their homes! This is like a witch hunt on parents. DCFS threatens parents with removing their kids and do it without court orders! They will go into the school your child goes to and you don't even know it.
In Mount Vernon IL.   Jefferson County There has been  around  60 children removed a month for little or no real reason!

What Adam is doing now

Adam has become involved in church and also has done great in school! I feel that he will continue to do good. Karissa Lowell has been a good infulence on him too. He knows how bad dcfs is and that they are not really the child savers they try to make out to be.

Pam and Will Gaston fought Oregon for years and won.  The sad thing is Melissa has never been able to go home. She like thousand of other kids have not been able to because of a corrupt system and  biased judges and case workers.
parents are being attacked  and threatened by  our courts and dcfs if they speak out about what their children are going through in foster care. Please help us in getting laws changed and  our voices herd

When a person fails to read or understand the constitution then we will live in a POLICE STATE!!