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Public prentenders oops Public defenders
"Public prentenders that prentend to defend"
The Public Defender Creed "I am a public defender. I am the guardian of the presumption of innocence, due process, and fair trial. To me is entrusted the preservation of those sacred principles. I will promulgate them with courtesy and respect but not with obsequiousness and not with fear for I am partisan; I am counsel for the defense. Let none who oppose me forget that with every fiber of my being I will fight for my clients. My clients are the indigent accused. They are the lonely, the friendless. There is no one to speak for them but me. My voice will be raised in their defense. I will resolve all doubt in their favor. This will be my credo; this and the Golden Rule. I will seek acclaim and approval only from my own conscience. And if upon my death there are a few lonely people who have benefited, my efforts will not have been in vain." Jim Doherty, Cook County, Illinois Public Defender
Ever ask for a lawyer because you could not afford one? And the one that you get will not do anything to help you ?Well you are not alone!! This is happening all over the country. Lawyers  seem not to care if their clients are guilty or not. sometimes  false reports are given to the courts and the prentenders do not even check to see if it is true. If a person used your name and was arrested you pay the price. Don't think your prentender is going to do anything to help. Because there is not enough money in it for them.  In family courts  all parents  seem to get the same prentenders and the children all get the same guardian ad-litem and they are the ones that say what goes on with your child.  Here is a list of public pretenders to stay away from:
Craig Cunningham:  office in Chicago IL. Works in Cook County
Mark Winston: Office in Chicago IL. Works in Cook County and Dupage County
STEVE ROSS: Office in Chicago IL. Works in Cook County
Cheryl Powell: Office in Mt Vernon IL. Works in Marion County Courts and Jefferson County
Michael McHaney: Offices in Salem and Mt. Vernon IL.
Works in Marion County and Jefferson County Courts.
Erica Sanders Office in Centralia IL. Works in Marion County Courts  Salem IL.
Matthew Crain     Office in Salem IL.  Works In Marion County.
Scott Wilzbach SR.   Office in Salem IL. Works in Marion County and Jefferson County
Jim Henson: Office in Mt Vernon works in Jefferson County
Joshua Bradley: Office in Mt Vernon IL. Works in Jefferson County
Elizabeth J Rice: LaSalle County office in Ottawa IL.
Edward Kuleck: LaSalle County office in Ottawa IL.
David Alhmeyer: Livingston County  office in Fairbarry IL.
David Hauptman:   Saline County Office in Harrisburg IL.
Dennis O'Sullivan: Boone County Office in Belvidare IL.
Edward Potter: Fayette County Office in  Vandalia IL.
The Illinois Supreme Court has issued court decisions which has
defined "fraud" by an attorney.
It should be noted that the definition of fraud applies to everything
an attorney may be engaged in, whether in court, in his office, or
even at the neighborhood restaurant. The Illinois Attorney
Registration and Disciplinary Commission, the official commission
involved in the investigation of misconduct of attorneys, has
investigated an attorney who was the president of his condominium
association and who was charged with fraud by a condominium owner.
Note that the operative phrase is "anything calculated to deceive".
It is not required that your attorney did in fact deceive you or the
court, only that he engaged in any activity in which you or the court
could have been deceived. Further an attorney has a fiduciary duty to
his client, a duty which is over and beyond what a non-attorney's
duty is to another person.
The Illinois Supreme Court has held in In re Eugene Lee Armentrout,
Jay Robert Grodner, Charles A. Petersen, Kim Edward Presbrey, William
H. Weir, and William John Truemper, Jr., 99 Ill.2d 242, 75 Ill.Dec.
703, 457 N.E.2d 1262 (1983) that:
"Fraud encompasses a broad range of human behavior, including " ' * *
* anything calculated to deceive, * * * whether it be by direct
falsehood or by innuendo, by speech or by silence, by word of mouth
or by look or gesture.' " (Regenold v. Baby Fold, Inc. (1977), 68
Ill.2d 419, 435, 12 Ill.Dec. 151, 369 N.E.2d 858, citing People ex
rel. Chicago Bar Association v. Gilmore (1931), 345 Ill. 28, 46, 177
N.E. 710; In re Alschuler (1944), 388 Ill. 492, 503-04; Black's Law
Dictionary 594 (5th ed. 1979).) Too, this court has previously
disciplined lawyers even though their fraudulent misconduct did not
harm [99 Ill.2d 252] any particular individual. In re Lamberis
(1982), 93 Ill.2d 222, 229, 66 Ill.Dec. 623, 443 N.E.2d 549."
"The Court has broadly defined fraud as any conduct calculated to
deceive, whether it be by direct falsehood or by innuendo, by speech
or silence, by word of mouth, by look, or by gesture. Fraud includes
the suppression of the truth, as well as the presentation of false
information. (In re Witt (1991) 145 Ill.2d 380, 583 N.E.2d 526, 531,
164 Ill. Dec. 610).". See also In re Frederick Edward Strufe,
Disciplinary case no. 93 SH 100 where the Court stated that "Fraud
has been broadly defined as anything calculated to deceive."
It is clear and well-established Illinois law that any attempt by any
officer of the court, whether attorney or judge, to deceive is
considered fraud, and when the attempt to deceive occurs in a
judicial proceeding, it is "fraud upon the court".
Has your attorney or judge engaged in fraud?
Rule 8.4(a)(4) of the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct states
"A lawyer shall not engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud,
deceit or misrepresentation."
Has your attorney or judge engaged in misconduct?
See Fraud upon the court
See "Fraud upon the court" makes void
the orders and judgments of that court

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When a person fails to read or understand the Constitution then we will live in a POLICE STATE!