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Illinois Parents Fighting for Parental Rights

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I am a single mother that was tired of the court system telling myself and others that we had no rights.  To many parents have been victimized by dcfs and this needs to be stopped!  I like others thought department of Children and family Services  would help me when I needed  help. Oh boy what a joke that was!  I was attacked for homeschooling my son and went through a year fighing to get him back home. the purpose of this site is to inform parents and to  possibly help them from going through what I have gone through!
if you are in the begining of your case then you have a good chance of winning it.  Believe me you are for the fight of your life! if you are poor  then they will attack you even worse.

I  am a family rights coordinator for Illinois Family Rights. Karissa Lowell is the family Advocate for this area we both work together helping parents that are fighting to get their children back. We both know how the court system is not helping families and that the Department of Children and Family Services remove children from homes for little or no reason. to many families have been destroyed by them. We are educating parents on how to deal with CPS. Our goal is to tell as many parents what the do's and don'ts of the system. and how to fight them and win. Courts will terminate parental rights for little or no reason. And public defenders will not help. They will tell a parent that they need to cooperate and they will not defend the parent. To many parents already know this. The courts are raping families and getting away with it. We need to stand up and fight back. CPS needs to be revamped badly. There are to many children dieing in foster care because of foster parents murdering them. and some states are blind to the fact and not prosecuting them. Instead they let Cps file false charges against parents and persecute them.

I am a seamstress and love working craft fairs and fleamarts.  I have  always wanted to open a shop in my home or  near my home and teach craft classes

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Demand Your rights!

learn your rights and how to protect your family from a destructivegoverment!

The books I like to read when I get a chance are mostly on King Arthur I love history and when I am not working I like to go to museums.

Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:

Camelot, The king and I, Evita, It's A Wonderful life
I love old movies and Humphrey Bogart movies
I also like Charlie Chan movies

some of my favorite groups are
Queen, Rod Stewart, Neil Diamond, I love oldies but listen to a lot of different music

We as parents need to learn our rights.  We need to realize once the state intervenes they will tromp all over you and take your rights.

When a person fails to read or understand the Constitution then we will live in a POLICE STATE!