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Hitler Youth compared to Childrens Protective Services
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Hitler Youth compared to Children’s Protective Services
Denise Barber
GE 250
The Third Reich vs. the Fourth Reich
(Hitler Youth compared to Children’s Protective Services)
“Heil Hitler!” Do these words send waves of icy-cold chills through your body? Do you become angry, while your body starts to tense? Do visions of terror, pain, torture, or war engulf your thoughts?
“Children’s Protective Services!” Do you feel the same icy chills? Do thoughts of anger and terror take over? Are you envisioning terror, pain, torture and war? Over 400,000 children and families feel this way daily in the United States. At the end of this essay you may feel the same way too.
Through my research and own personal experiences I am going to show you that the principles, dynamics, and tactics that went into creating one of history’s evilest regimes exists here in the United States. History is repeating itself.
As with both the Nazi Youth (Wandervögel) and Children’s Protective Services, their intent was based on genuine care for the children. “Before the Nazi Party was founded, a strong youth movement already existed in Germany. It began in the 1890’s and was known as the Wandervögel, a male-only movement featuring a back-to-nature theme.’ - (Beginnings, p1)
It is when these organizations begin to grow into self-sustaining machines without a conscience, that the end result should be feared. “The Hitler Youth organization had grown from 80 branches with 700 members in 1926 to about 450 branches with 13,000 members in 1929.” - (Road to Power, p3)
Children’s Protective Services was also established with good intentions. “A young girl was found tied to a bed like an animal, neglected and brutally beaten by her foster parents. In 1874, animals were legally protected from inhumane treatment, children weren’t. Child abuse and neglect was considered a family matter and there was no one to intervene on behalf of the child. That is until a small group of concerned citizens in New York organized the first child protective institution in the world—The New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to children (NYSPCC).” - (NYSPCC, p3)
But again, we see a huge uprising in a short amount of time laying the foundation for corruption. “In Sacramento, California, during 1997, Child Protective Services caseworkers were removing children from their homes at an estimated rate of 400 per month—up from a previous level of 200 per month during the previous year. Authorities were reviewing cases, which in some instances stemmed from five-year-old reports, and conducting random sweeps of homes late at night, without search warrants.
The majority of the children removed in these midnight raids were not necessarily abused or neglected, rather they were determined to be “at risk” of abuse or neglect at some point in the future. The Sacramento Bee uncritically reported on these events as if to suggest that they make for sound public policy, having sent reporters to cover the raids in the company of police and social workers.” - (Thoma, p1)
Often, corruption and greed can seep in through the guise of best interest. When an establishment has weakened and allowed those seeds of evil to take an active role in its establishment, the ideals on which the establishments were founded blur. From these seeds sprout a special interest machine, under the blanket of protection and best interest.
For Hitler the blanket was the best interest of Pure German Youth. For Children’s Protective Services it is the best interest of the less fortunate American youth.
Hitler’s youth camps were established in July 1926 with Kurt Gruber as its leader. Parental separation/alienation was first and foremost. Indoctrination into the Nazi Youth Party had to start by enforcing Hitler’s ideals of what a “German” should be. “When an opponent declares, ‘I will not come over to your side,’ I say calmly, ‘Your child belongs to us already…What are you? You will pass on, Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing but this new community’.” - Adolf Hitler, (Timeline, p5)
Part of conforming was to become alienated from your parents. “While the summer camping program was impaired, the HJ (Hitler Jugend) took on an even larger program, the KLV. The Kinderlandverschickung (KLV) was a massive Nazi program to evacuate children from cities targeted by the Allied bombing campaign. About 2.5 million children were involved. They were housed in HJ youth camps and many other facilities in rural areas throughout the Reich. This meant year-round care, not just during the summer.”
These same tactics are used in the Children’s Protective services procedures and everyday operations. “We enter the new millennium with well over 500,000 of our children in one or another form of state-provided alternative care. An estimated 365,000 of our children are removed from their homes for their "protection" each year in these United States. They find themselves warehoused in foster homes, group homes, and Institutions. When there is no room for them at the proverbial inn, they find themselves warehoused in prisons.” - (Thoma, p1)
In these KLV camps children can rise in rank. More elite stature was gained by following requirements without hesitation. The more the youth conformed, the more privileges bestowed upon them.
While being introduced to this new way of life, a level system or reward system was emplaced. “Vocational training was also emphasized as Schirach and Nazi labor leader Robert Ley initiated the annual National Vocational Competition for Hitler Youth in which teens learning various trades were judged and rewarded, with the winners in each category getting to meet Hitler.” This same source goes on to quote “One case involved a teenaged HJ (Hitler Youth Party) member named Walter Hess who turned in his father for calling Hitler a crazed Nazi maniac, His father was then hauled off to Dachau under Schutzhaft (protective custody). For setting such an example, Hess was promoted to a higher rank.” - (Prelude, p3)
So armed with isolation, authority and rewards Hitler began his organization. As these examples show Hitler needed all authority, other than his own, removed from the child’s environment. A new environment was then introduced to the child whereas the child did not have a choice but to conform. Any and all family culture and tradition that did not coincide with the teachings and beliefs of the Third Reich was replaced with Hitler’s idea of what a “German” upbringing will consist of. Rewards were given for those who excelled in conforming.
I have been told that every organization has its recipe. The first ingredient is isolation. The police, together with SCF, surrounded the Christine motor home, conducted an illegal search and interrogation of the Christine children, accused Brian and Ruth of child abuse and seized all three of their beautiful little girls. Brian was arrested for abuse because he acknowledged having physically disciplined one of his children as a part of her toilet training. Brian and Ruth were somewhat put out at this intrusion into their personal affairs and, distrustful of both the system and lawyers, represented themselves and their children during the ensuing year, growing increasingly demanding and resentful. SCF does not like having its nose tweaked, so it refused to give in and eventually moved to take the children permanently from the Christines.
At the time of the beginning of this saga, Ruth was 8 months pregnant. SCF demanded that child, too, so she disappeared for a time, had her child and left it in the custody of Brian’s mother, Teri Christine, back home in Indiana. Teri Christine has long since been designated the permanent guardian of baby Olivia. Teri Christine tried repeatedly to have Oregon’s SCF give the three older girls to her, too, under guardianship, but was continually rebuffed and ignored while those children were placed with strangers.- (Christine, p1)
Back up the isolation with overall authority and a reward/level system for conforming and you have yourself the makings of America’s own little storm troopers. “Crossroads Treatment Center places a strong emphasis on behavior modification using a point and color-coded system. The colors purple, red, orange, yellow, blue, and green are used to represent a resident’s current level of behavior and responsibilities and privileges. The system uses colors, thereby eliminating a hierarchical position among the residents and increased competitiveness often found with numerical level systems. The color-coded system is designated to enhance self-esteem, responsibility, and motivate residents to move to a different color status offering increased privileges and autonomy.” – (Point & Level System, p1). Again, the similarity with this is “Who decides what the infrastructure of the rules will be?”
Hitler and his youth groups mastered the art of breaking children. They use these very same tactics at Crossroads Treatment Center. At this particular group home a two week blackout period from the child’s family and friends is required. The group home staff, appointed by the county govt., is the point of authority. The child is in the “System” and their behavior is now governed by Children’s Protective Services. Resistance is futile. “At the end of each time period, staff will conduct a behavioral point group with all the residents present. The purpose of the group is to identify, reward, and document on the point chart positive behavior. The behavioral point group will occur four times a day, seven days a week.” - (Point & Level System, p1)
So why do these children conform? With isolation, the evil seeds of corruption are easily planted into a child’s mind. A technique used by Hitler to assure conforming was to remove the children from their families when they were young and place them in HJ camps. “On Dec. 1, 1936, Hitler decreed 'The Law concerning the Hitler Youth' which mandated that all young Germans (excluding Jews) would “be educated physically, intellectually and morally in the spirit of National Socialism” though the Hitler Youth from the age of ten onward.” - (Prelude, p6)
Psychological warfare, propaganda, association with capture (later to be named Stockholm Syndrome), brainwashing, these are all very powerful tools. Hitler knew that young minds could be molded like clay in any direction. Hitler put into place “experts” in the medical field to help with this task. “Many of the young men who were converted to Nazi ideology during their membership in the HJ absorbed the poison of Jew hatred through their training and activities, and when they grew up became agents of the “Final Solution” –murderers by conviction.” - (Encyclopedia, p377).
The thought of medical experimenting on children sparks images of pain and terror. Some of Hitler’s concentration camps were set up specifically for medical experimentation. Hitler’s “Experts”, used many forms of experimenting. Another type of experimenting was also being forced upon their own, the German youth. This was in the form of manipulation of a child’s mind. “Nor can Schirach escape responsibility for his assistance in implanting in youth the Nazi ideology, with its tenets of a master race, "sub-human" peoples, and world domination. For such notions were the psychological prerequisites for the instigation and toleration of the atrocities which zealous Nazis committed throughout Germany and the occupied countries.” - (Nizkor, p889)
A lot of people think of propaganda as poster boards and slogans. Propaganda can be used in several ways as a form of mind control. It can be disseminated through the media. It can be taught in schools. Repeatedly telling a child something is right or wrong is a form of mind manipulation.
When an organization decides what is “standard” for everyone, the methods of ingraining this idea can come in various forms. The point is to make the child believe what you believe, by any means necessary, to further your cause. “In their desire to establish a total state, the Nazis understood the importance of “selling” their ideology to the youth. Daily life in Nazi Germany was manipulated from the beginning of Nazi rule. Propaganda dominated popular culture and entertainment. Anti-intellectualism was used to prevent the people from thinking and feeding into their strong sense of national and military pride. Finally, Hitler and the party realized the possibilities of controlling Germany’s youth as a means of continuing the Reich, and insuring total control over a future generation.” - (Mengel, p1)
But whose ideology is being taught? Is it the parents', the people who have the most vested interest of the child? Are the teachers, doctors, leaders qualified to decide your belief system? Under the Nazi regime, your values were dictated by appointed representatives of the Nazi Party (National Socialism). With Children’s Protective Services your child’s belief system is dictated by representatives of our own government (Social Services). Are you starting to see the connection yet?
Isolation, complete authority, rewards, throw in some mind manipulation and you are right on track with Hitler’s recipe for storm troopers. That can’t be happening in the United States right? We are the ones who set the “Standard” for the world. We have already denounced Hitler and his tactics, why would we then repeat his actions? “There is a holocaust going on in California. Please help me and thousands of other Americans who had their children kidnapped by Child Protective Services. I have personally witnessed my son and other small children at the Children’s Shelter on Union Avenue in San Jose, and Eastfield Ming Quong Facility in Los Gatos, California, being severely abused both physically and emotionally by "counselors". I had seen severe bruising on my son’s face and called 911 in Los Gatos, but the police never came. My son was hospitalized in the Emergency Room at Santa Clara County Medical Center many, many times for injuries sustained at those facilities. I personally witnessed a 200-lb. "counselor" physically restrain a small boy who was slammed face down on the concrete and kneed in the back while his tiny arms were twisted behind him. The next time I saw that little boy, "Danny", his arm was in a sling. Children in this facility are very intelligent and warm and loving children. Every time I visited the facility, they all hovered around me to tell me about the torture they endured. Many times these children knew enough to pull the fire alarm so that the police and fire rescue would come. I have heard many, many children screaming and crying that they want to kill themselves. Besides being brutally restrained physically, they are also chemically restrained with mind-altering pharmaceuticals. My son was totally normal physically and mentally before the Santa Clara County apprehended him. I noticed his mental and physical health seriously deteriorate week after week as a result of being drugged at these "care" facilities.” - (Booth, p1)
Who is doing the brainwashing? For what purpose will it serve?
“Their system is set up for the (BIG Trick) what they do under the false ruse for protection for the child, get the child, instead of you, this way they KNOW that they can terrorize and traumatize the child just by getting their hands on them, then on the way to DFACS there already steadily brainwashing them by the use of leading and repeated questions then bribing the child for a disclosure by saying, just say this, then you can go home, you have to tell the judge this!, then you can go home. Now when we get there you have to tell this lady here what you said! So you can get back home. Next, they make the parent look bad in the child’s eyes by repeated phrases like THAT MAN, what did that man do to you (in a loud voice) you know he’s BAD, The Reason you're here is because THEY don't Love You, another (TRICK) is to say there’s no room to put you anywhere, so we're going to have to stay here in the back of the DACFS office overnight or over the weekend until we can find a place for you. This way they have overnight to drill the kid or KIDS some more with leading and repeated questions, now they have what they want, telling the kid they have to tell “everyone” this, in order to go back, never mind the fact the Children will often recant once removed from the duress imposed on them by the relentless questioning, but will be made out to be a liar in court, often saying there protecting there parent's, in other words, they want to go by the statement that best fulfills it’s existence of involvement and to benefit from rewards designed by our present day locally governed social infrastructure.” - (Sale, p1)
As in comparison with Hitler’s Youth organization, Children’s Protective Services also mandates the Therapist, counselors, foster parents, schools, and placement of children under their control. “Those that were able to retain their children were placed in the position of extreme financial hardship for years to come, and usually required to pay for long term weekly counseling by a state approved therapist. The dictated counseling is little more than a hostage release requirement enforced by agencies with little or no accountability.” - (Coffman, p1)
You probably never imagined the amount of propaganda that is forced upon your child daily here in the United States. “Different cultures are also suspect as exampled in Washington, where two pre-school children were removed from their Swedish parents when the weekly family saunas were uncovered in a "good touch - bad touch" training session at the children's pre-school. The children were unaware of their peril in responding affirmatively to the question "Has anybody seen their parents without clothing? In this case the children were severely traumatized by the mandated immediate removal and multi-week separation from their parents. Ultimately the family fled back to their native Sweden to prevent further repercussions.”
The Author goes on to quote, “Children are becoming increasingly aware of their power over parents; they learn from peers and schools just exactly what they do and don't have to do. In many states, Florida, Washington, Colorado, and Oregon being key examples, children cannot be required by their parents to do anything, from washing dishes to going to school. Testimony offered before the 1993 session of the Oregon legislature documented a sharply increasing number of cases where teenagers made false reports on their parents, simply because they were angry about a parental restriction. In every case known to the author, the teenagers were removed from their families, sometimes permanently, and to their great sorrow. It is not possible to reference by name or case the families affected, due to the potential for repercussions against them by the Children Services Division.” - (Coffman, p1)
Children are promised to be reunited with their parents if they “just tell the truth”. If there is nothing to report Children’s Protective Services will “help” children with their story. This is a dilemma that was also faced by the Hitler Youth. Like the Hitler Youth who was rewarded for “turning his father in”.
The striking comparisons between Hitler’s Youth Party and Children’s Protective Services are alarming. If graphed side by side, “Tactics to Conform”, the results may be startling. We fought as a nation to rid the world of such crimes against humanity. Why are we now so readily accepting of these crimes in our own backyard?
When will it all stop? When will we as a nation stand together and say “Enough! Our children are not a commodity that the US govt. can do with as they please. These are our children; this is my country, why should we feel like the Jews who were in a concentration camp? I thought the US resented Hitler and his actions?
Although I did not commit a crime, the govt. put me in jail and put my daughters in foster care. To me this is the same as tying my hands behind my back and tearing my heart out with their bare hands. The family court system is my Gestapo. My daughters were forced to live with monsters that physically, mentally and sexually abused them. Foster care is their concentration camp. They are forced to take medications to control them. They are forced to follow rules designed by our government. They are forced to visit with Children’s Protective Service’s “Experts” for “therapy”.
Children’s Protective Services! Do you feel the chill now?

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