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Stolen children
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There are to many stories about how Children Services has ripped children from parents or grand parents homes. Every  so often these stories make it to a television program like  the Montell  show or Maury Povich show.  Some shows that have these  type of programs always show only one side of the story. the side of CPS better known as the child savers. Sad to say  a lot of the stories are true to an extent. Parents need to get their side of the story out  so people can realize what is going on in this crazey world. Montell williams is the only one so far that I know of that will tell the truth.

These children have been in foster care for  almost 2 years dcfs has told the parents they already have homes for them!  One of these kids  was placed with a registered sex offender.  When Dcfs was asked about this they refused to comment!  This is not the first time this has happened to children. Instead of giving them back to a mother that can and will love them the children are placed with child molesters!





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When a person fails to read or understand the constitution then we will live in a POLICE STATE!!