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Fighting for Adam

Beware of these people

Beware of these people
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There is a group of Advocates who follow around the owner of this site.  We would like to warn you that they are
malicious and will take your posts over to their group and publish your
private information.  PLEASE PROTECT YOURSELF! 
If you are a part of this group, please leave it for your own protection!
As far as we can tell, they believe they OWN the internet and all content
on it whether they have written it or not.
They have a very large opinion of themselves, yet help no one get their
kids back.  They are however, "sue" happy and continually bite the hand
that feeds them.  They claim to be an "improvement" to Family Advocacy,
however, the stats are in that they are nothing but back stabbers we should
steer clear of the best we can.
They even have a bad advocates list there for people "they" don't like.
So beware, if you speak to this woman and her followers, you will be
sorry in the long run.  Better off getting out now, then letting the
worse happen.  Getting involved with them could be the end of having a
to ever get a normal life back.

I have been quiet on this issue with Suzzanne Shell and her gang. but I have decided not to be silent any more! The reason I have decided is because of all the slanderous things she and her co-horts have put all over the internet about people.  Her group of so called advocates have hurt a lot of people. she has taken personal info and put it all over the internet.
Suzzanne shell is nothing but a liar and a thief!!!
She claimed she wrote the Hatch amendment which is a lie duhhhh it is not called the Shell amendment now is it?  Her cronies also state they have published certain information which is another lie!  if they did write it then they need to go back to school to learn how to do legal papers. Oh yeah Shell also has been to court for unlicensed practice of law and convicted of it too!  If you see this and have been a victim of  Shell contact me and I will post it here.

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When a person fails to read or understand the constitution then we will live in a POLICE STATE!!