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Fighting for Adam

A long road home part 2

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Stolen children
Adam's Story
A long road home
A long road home part 2
Parents Falsely Accused
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When my son came home for good I was very happy!  I told him he was one of the lucky ones because a lot of children that are removed never make it home. 
Our courts are very unfair to parents and with the service plans that dcfs forces on parents they are almost impossible to do. Even when the service plans are complete it seems that dcfs will add more on to them!  
  When parents do stand up for their rights then they are told that they will not see their kids or all of a sudden their visits stop and the worker will not give a reason for it. Their reasons are always shoddy and shaded.

Parents have had to deprogram their kids when they come home. This was true in our case too. Adam was told that  when kids went to have their pictures taken for being put up for adoption that this was a good thing.  I told him that the kids may have parents that love them very much and  the state could of stole them from them! By this I mean terminating their rights with out reunification of the family.
 To may parents that have fought to get their kids home and won have always had some problems. One parent told me her daughter would sleep under the bed becuse she was afraid the cops would come again and that with her being under the bed  they would not find her.
  DCFS has destroyed to many families and the problem is they think nothing about it!

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When a person fails to read or understand the constitution then we will live in a POLICE STATE!!